Cheap London Escorts Want Healthy Relationships

When you are young, you may not think so much about what goes in your own relationship with others and other people’s relationships. You sort of enjoy life and get on with it. That was very much the stage of life when I joined London escorts. The first couple of months working for London escorts came as a bit of a shock to me. I did not have a clue that many people who enjoyed the company of cheap London escorts, had a variety of relationship problems.

Speaking to them, it soon became obvious that many of the men that I started to date at London escorts, had not healthy relationships when they were young. I would say that 8 out of 10 men I date as a London escort have experienced their fair share of relationship problems when they were young. For instance, I think that many of the men who like to date London escorts do not have the best relationships with their mothers. I am not saying that their mums abused them, but I do think that many men were spoiled by their mums.

It is important for sons to be brought up in a healthy ways. For instance, I have lost count of how many men I have met at London escorts who don’t have a clue when it comes to helping out at home. They often complain that their wives don’t have time for them. When you start talking to them, it soon becomes obvious why their wives don’t have time for them. Their wives are simply too busy looking after the home and the kids. What they need to do, is to become better at helping out at home so that one person does not end up responsible for all of the domestic duties. That is a an alien concept to many of my London escorts clients.

I think that it starts when men are young. Mums should really show their sons how to turn on the washing machine, do the ironing and teach them basic cooking skills. After all, a healthy relationship is not about one person doing everything. I have been in personal relationships with men, and I have noticed that sadly, man men still except the women to do everything around the home. In the modern world, that simply does not work. There are some things all men need to know how to do.

Equality between sexes is still a hot topic. We talk about almost every day at London escorts. It is clear that many men who like to date London escorts still think women should be submissive. Sure, there are London escorts who love to be submissive but that is not me. Just in case you are wondering what I do for London escorts. Yes, that is right, I am a dominatrix. I see it as my role to teach men a thing or two. From what I can tell, there are still plenty of men out there who need to be domestic. If that is you, why don’t you come to Cheap Escorts London see me. I would love to help you out.